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Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

1. Introduction

New Image Public Relations Ltd (NIPR) is committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking in all its forms within its operations and supply chain. This policy outlines the steps taken by NIPR to ensure compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

2. Organizational Structure

NIPR is a public relations company based in [Location], operating with a commitment to ethical business practices and social responsibility. We recognize the importance of ensuring that slavery and human trafficking have no place in our business or supply chain.

3. Our Supply Chain

NIPR acknowledges the responsibility to understand and manage the risks of modern slavery in its supply chain. This includes but is not limited to subcontractors, suppliers, and partners. We are committed to working collaboratively with our suppliers to uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct.

4. Due Diligence and Risk Assessment

NIPR conducts regular risk assessments of its supply chain to identify and evaluate potential risks of slavery and human trafficking. This includes assessing the geographical locations, nature of business, and labour practices of our suppliers.

5. Supplier Compliance

NIPR expects its suppliers to adhere to the same high standards of ethics and conduct regarding slavery and human trafficking. Contracts with suppliers include clauses requiring compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

6. Training and Awareness

All NIPR employees and relevant stakeholders are provided with training and awareness programs to recognize and prevent modern slavery. This includes information on identifying signs of slavery and reporting mechanisms.

7. Reporting Mechanisms

NIPR encourages the reporting of any concerns related to slavery or human trafficking within the organization or its supply chain. Whistleblower protection mechanisms are in place to ensure that individuals feel secure when reporting concerns.

8. Continuous Improvement

NIPR is committed to continuous improvement in its approach to combating slavery and human trafficking. This policy is reviewed regularly to ensure its effectiveness, and updates are made as necessary.

9. Approval and Communication

This slavery and human trafficking policy is approved by [Name], [Position], and is communicated to all employees, suppliers, and relevant stakeholders. The policy is made available on the company’s website and can be provided upon request.

Date: 10/12/2023

New Image Public Relations Ltd – Enviromental Policy

1. Introduction

New Image Public Relations Ltd (NIPR) recognizes the importance of environmental responsibility in conducting business. This policy outlines our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact, promoting sustainability, and complying with relevant environmental laws and regulations.

2. Energy Efficiency and Conservation

NIPR is dedicated to reducing its energy consumption and improving energy efficiency. We will regularly assess our energy usage, explore opportunities for renewable energy sources, and implement measures to conserve energy in our offices and operations.

3. Waste Reduction and Recycling

NIPR strives to minimize waste generation and promote recycling initiatives. We are committed to reducing single-use plastics, encouraging responsible waste disposal practices, and implementing recycling programs within our premises. We will work with suppliers and partners who share our commitment to waste reduction.

4. Sustainable Procurement

In our procurement processes, NIPR gives preference to environmentally responsible products and services. We will collaborate with suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to sustainable practices and work towards incorporating eco-friendly alternatives in our business operations.

5. Transportation and Travel

NIPR acknowledges the environmental impact of transportation. We will explore and encourage the use of environmentally friendly transportation options for commuting and business travel. We aim to minimize our carbon footprint by promoting public transport, cycling, and carpooling.

6. Environmental Compliance

NIPR is committed to complying with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. We will monitor changes in legislation, adapt our practices accordingly, and ensure that our employees are informed and trained on environmental compliance matters.

7. Education and Awareness

NIPR recognizes the importance of educating and raising awareness among our employees about environmental issues. We will provide training programs, resources, and regular communication to foster a culture of environmental responsibility within the organization.

8. Continuous Improvement

NIPR is committed to continuously improving our environmental performance. We will set measurable objectives, regularly review our environmental practices, and seek innovative solutions to further reduce our ecological footprint.

9. Reporting and Accountability

NIPR will transparently communicate our environmental performance and achievements to stakeholders. Responsibility for the implementation of this policy lies with all employees, and adherence to environmental practices is an integral part of our performance evaluations.

10. Review and Revision

This environmental policy will be periodically reviewed to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. Updates will be made as necessary to reflect changes in the organization, technology, or environmental best practices.